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Why Choose Us?

There are many people that want to be your loan officer. They might try to sell you on the lowest rate. Don't be fooled - Your home loan is more than just about a low rate...

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We Listen

Rates are at historic lows, loan officers are busier than ever before. If they sense that you might have a unique situation that will take extra time, they are apt to move on to the next 'easy deal'. That's not how we roll. We want to be your lending partner.

We Come To You

Ever have to take half a day off work to meet with your loan officer? Not with us. We'll come to your kitchen table and we'll do it when it's convenient for you. Customers are the #1 priority in our book, not being out the door at 5pm.

We Do Unto Others...

We've been there. We've been "helped" by that guy that hates his job. The one that doesn't return phone calls. The rude Valley-girl. We can't stand it either. And we'd never expect our customers to put up with it. You deserve better. You deserve us.

Our Products

Banks have two plans: 1. You're approved 2. Denied. We don't believe in that philosophy so we have a variety of products to fit your needs better.

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With as little as 3.5% down, FHA loans are one of the most popular today.

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Zero Down

In the majority of smaller cities across the Midwest, we can help you find the perfect $0 money down loan.

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Homes For Heroes

We are one of the few, official "Homes For Heroes" lenders in the Midwest. We want to become your hero!

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